Inteco MC — Manufacturing of Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment

Inteco MP

Inteco MC, an innovative tech company, specializes in production of drilling and petroleum field equipment.

The plant’s products are widely used by oil and gas production and drilling companies in the world.

Oil and gas production and drilling equipment is designed in the research and engineering center, which applies the most advanced computer technologies.

The company also provides full product support.

We train personnel of other companies to work with our equipment and give recommendations on its most rational use.


  • Wellhead valves;
  • Wellhead equipment;
  • Blowout equipment;
  • Well packing equipment;
  • VFD systems for drilling rigs;
  • Mobile drilling rigs;
  • Trailer-mounted drilling rigs;
  • Pumping units;
  • Drilling manifolds;
  • Drilling mud systems.

Upon request of the customer, product shipment is made in any batch quantities: wagons, containers, vehicles.

The company has been certified according to the international quality management system.

Products under the Inteco MC brand comply with the main requirements of API 6A, API 16A, API 16C, API 16D standards.