Inteco ENG – Engineering

Inteco ENG

Inteco ENG, an international innovative company, performs the following oilfield services: DDM, MWD/LWD telemetric systems, well-control equipment service and drilling mud services.

Highly qualified personnel of the Company with substantial work experience can address any engineering task and provide engineering support for well construction.

The company manufacturing complex consists of DDM made by Inteko NPM and PDC bits, DDM, telemetric systems produced by foreign companies.


  • selection of the DDM with best performance;
  • design of the entire complex of the drill stem foundation;
  • well path design from bottomhole assemblies;
  • optimization of drilling modes;
  • selection of the optimal bits;
  • supply of PDC bits of various diameters;
  • engineering and technical support of bits and DDM;
  • provision of telemetry equipment;
  • MWD well survey;
  • well survey + MWD gamma + Gamma;
  • well survey + gamma + MWD + LWD resistivity meter;
  • MWD;
  • optimization of wellbore trajectory;
  • rock geomechanical properties;
  • engineering and technological support for MWD / LWD telemetric systems;
  • mud service;
  • well-control equipment service.