Current industry situation lays down rather hard and fast rules: only more efficient oil production and petroleum products manufacturing can make a company successful in the market.

It requires powerful technological and engineering tools; therefore one of the main priorities for INTECO JSC is technological development.

Innovative technologies are the most important tools for achieving the strategic goals of oil and gas companies. The accomplished revolution in the field of unconventional hydrocarbon production was the result of the state long-term coordinated efforts to improve the technologies.

Today new technologies help oil and gas companies to develop HTR reserves and enter new production regions, increase operational efficiency, maintain stability in the unfavorable price environment and gain access to resources in exchange for technology expertise.

The main goal of INTECO innovative development for the next five years is to overcome technological challenges that impede the achievement of the company strategic goals and to ensure the company’s leading positions in enhanced oil recovery from mature fields, to develop hard-to-recover and unconventional reserves and to produce oil refining catalyst agents.

In the course of the Innovation Development Program implementation, the company achieved significant success in the development of production technologies and in the management efficiency improvement.